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Superintendent Tim Sweeney


Dear supporter of the Coquille School District,


In mid-September, the State of Oregon released the results for last year’s state tests. The Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) measures students in four core academic areas: math, reading, writing, and science.


I am pleased to announce that generally the Coquille School District did exceptionally well. Although there was a slight dip in 3rd and 7th grade for reading and math, overall the district saw substantial growth. I am very pleased with the effort of our students and staff as they work together to master these critical subjects.


Some of the math highlights include: CHS up almost 17 points, 5th grade an increase of more than 20 points and the big one was 6th grade math with an almost 30 point gain. I know that this is important to all of our board members but Roy Wright has carried the banner on math improvement since I arrived and we are beginning to see some real growth; Roy, thank you for holding us accountable to a higher standard.

Reading highlights include: an almost 10 point increase at 8th grade and an almost 16 point increase at 5th grade. But the most shocking results came in at WLHS where we saw a dramatic 48.3 point increase in one year of students passing the state test!

Writing highlight: Coquille School District was one of the few in the state that saw an increase in performance on the writing test. State Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton was all over the news making excuses for why the state overall had done so poorly. No excuse necessary for Coquille. Although CHS showed a modest gain it was still a gain and WLHS continued to surprise and delight me with an almost 100% increase in the students who successfully passed the state test.


We still have a lot of work to do, but we are definitely headed in the right direction with more good things for students.



Tim Sweeney


Coquille School District



Thank you for visiting Coquille School District #8! We are located in Southwestern Oregon 20 miles from the Oregon coast. The Coquille School District is comprised of four schools: Lincoln School of Early Learning,  Coquille Valley Elementary,  Winter Lakes School and Coquille JR/SR High School. The district serves approximately 900 students and employs 110 staff members. We encourage you to take a look around our website and contact us if you have any questions.


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