Mr. Sweeney

Tim Sweeney

Stephanie Donaldson
Executive Administrative Assistant

Superintendent’s office

Welcome to the Coquille School District!

We are exceedingly proud of our school district. We are a small district, and we have committed to offering our students and their families an excellent, well-rounded education. Our district’s goal is to make every student feel welcomed every day and to create an educational environment where each student can succeed.

Coquille School District is recognized throughout the state of Oregon as a leader in Early Childhood Learning. Lincoln School serves children as young as 30 months with a variety of educational and day care opportunities. Children attend Lincoln through first grade.

At Coquille Valley Elementary you will find small class sizes allowing teachers to really get to know their students and create an education that meets their needs. Our second, third, fourth, and fifth grades are self-contained classrooms; our sixth grade classrooms work as a hybrid of self-contained and content-specific instruction to prepare students for academic rigor and secondary school.

Coquille High School is nationally recognized for its outstanding educational opportunities, earning a Bronze Medal from US News and World Report for their outstanding work. CHS serves students in seventh through twelfth grades. This structure allows our educators to guide students from young adolescence to young adulthood as critical thinkers and self-managers.

Winter Lakes School is a non-traditional school for students who shine as autonomous learners, have precise learning, medical, or schedule needs, or are from home-school families. Its adaptability allows students to grow and learn from wherever they may be in their educational journey.

If your child is college bound, then the Coquille School District is a great fit for you. In the 2017-18 school year alone Coquille students earned over 1300 college credits at little or no cost to the family or student. Four of our students earned their Associates of Arts degree while simultaneously graduating from high school.

Regionally, CSD is the leader in on-line learning, alternative education, and special education. We have programs that fit the needs students with all learning capacities.

I invite you to stop by our district and take a look around. I believe you will find the Coquille School District an outstanding fit for your family’s needs.


Tim Sweeney
Coquille School District

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