Coquille Jr/Sr High School

If you are a new student, need to update phones/ addresses or have a registration question please call Mrs. Lewis,  541-396-2163 ext: 4401

If you are struggling in one or more of your classes, need to make a schedule change, would like to see if you are on track to graduate or have concerns about an incomplete please call Mrs. Gallagher, 541-396-2821 ext: 4219

For assistance with your Chromebook, issues logging on, passwords or any other technology related question please call 541-396-2821 ext: 4216


We believe that successful students:

  1. Contribute to the school in a respectful manner
  2. Communicate with peers and staff in a meaningful way
  3. Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness

We believe that successful teachers:

  1. Implement strategies that promote ownership of learning to students;
  2. Design instruction in innovative ways to enhance learning;
  3. Demonstrate ongoing professional growth in order to increase the quality of instruction;
  4. Collaborate with colleagues to share and discuss educational practices, interpret student data, and design assessments that promote twenty-first century skills.


For information on signing up for Coquille athletics, please contact Dan Hampton 541-396-2163

Game Schedules

For up-to-date game schedules visit OSAA

Jeff Philley

Armando Ruiz
Vice Principal

Dan Hampton
Athletic Director

Carrie Blanton Secretary
Lyndsey Corral Library Tech
Cintya Gallagher Academic Advisor
Gerrie Lewis Attendance/Athletic Secretary/New Student Registration

Katherine Allred English I, English III

Austin Arrant 7/8 Math

Brandon Bowen Health II, Freshman Success, 7th Grade Careers, IMPACT, Publishing

Shane Boyd Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math, Technical Math

Shawn Bridges Symphonic Band, Concert Band, 7/8 Band

Troy Cooper English II, English IV, College Writing

Neil Ekelund Biology, Human Anatomy, Ecology, 7th Earth/Space Science

Dan Hampton Global Studies, Government, Leadership

Kate Ivy 7/8 Language Arts

Melissa Lass 7/8 Transitional Math, 9-12 Consumer Math, PE, and Behavioral Specialist

Kari Leffler Health I, Foods of the World, Health & Nutrition, 8th Home Economics

Tyler Lienemann 7/8 Science

Jamie Perry 7-9 PE, Weightlifting, Lifetime Fitness

Samantha Sherman 7/8 Social Studies

Tristan Thiel CAD, Metals Clusters I, II, III, IV, Metals I, II, Woods, 8th Shop

Dave Thomason US History, Phycohology/Sociology, Global Studies

Mike Wallis Principles of Algebra, Algebra I and Geometry

John Ward Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, 8th STEM

Michael Warncke Art, Drama, 7/8 Art

Bethany Watts MLC Math, MLC Science, MLC English, MLC Social Studies, Adaptive Life Skills

Paige Yi Transitional English, Speech & Debate, Digital Media and 7th Grade STEM

Lindsey Dingus Nurse
Stacey Evonuik Counselor
Jamie LeDoux Clinical Social Worker

499 W Central Blvd, Coquille, OR 97423
P. (541) 396-2163
F. (541) 396-4635

Online registration is for Winter Lakes Schools only.  Registration for all other schools will be in paper form.

Bell Schedule

8:02am – 8:24am Homeroom
8:28am – 9:18am 1st period
9:22am – 10:12am 2nd period
10:16am – 11:06am 3rd period
11:10am – 12:00pm 4th period
12:00pm – 12:30pm Lunch
12:34pm – 1:24pm 5th period
1:28pm – 2:18pm 6th period
2:22pm – 3:12pm 7th period