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Educations Assistant – Daycare

Job Title: Educations Assistant – Daycare Assignment: TBD

Reports to: Daycare Director Evaluated by: Daycare Director

Position Overview: To perform instructional duties, supervision duties, and clerical duties in support of lead daycare staff.

Essential Job Functions:

Prepare activity materials as directed
Oversee group activities as directed.
Instruct small groups of children.
Run errands
Assist teacher with student activities.
Other duties as assigned

Other Job Functions:

Supervise student activities.
Supervise student outside the classroom.
Other related tasks as directed


Knowledge of:
Maintaining harmonious working relationship with coworkers & staff
Working with children.
General knowledge of office equipment.
Word processing skills
Preference given to bilingual speaker

Ability To:

Follow oral and written instructions.
Maintain confidentiality.
Maintain composure in stressful situations.
Be well groomed and maintain an appropriate appearance.
Maintain regular attendance


Prior classroom assistant experience desired.
Two-year degree preferred.


Attained at the age of 18 with high school diploma

Physical Requirements:

In an eight-hour day, employee may
Stand/Walk 5-6 Hours
Drive 1-2 Hours
Sit 3-4 Hours
Stoop/Squat/Bend 1-2 Hours
Lift/Carry 1-2 Hours Up to a weight of 50 lbs
Climb Stairs Occasionally
Use hands for repetitive motions Frequently
Use feet for repetitive movements Frequently

Note: If hired, no unauthorized comments or postings about district business or students are allowed on social media.

This job description, developed November 27, 2018, supersedes all prior descriptions for this position.

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