Welcome to Coquille High School

Jeff Philley



Spring of 2013 National Honor Society Induction Meeting

Coquille High School

499 W. Central
Principal:Jeff Philley
Athletic Director:Dan Hampton
Athletic Secretary: Cathi Morris
Student Coordinator: Cheryl Waddington
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Principal’s Message
Welcome to the 2013/14 school year at Coquille High School!  Our commitment is to provide a safe and challenging academic environment that will empower students to think, solve problems and flourish in a rapidly changing economy.
We believe that successful students:

  • Contribute to the educational community in a collaborative and respectful manner
  • Communicate in a meaningful way
  • Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness

We believe that effective teachers:

  • Implement strategies that promote ownership of learning to students
  • Design instruction to integrate a variety of innovative technological tools and resources to enhance learning
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional growth in order to increase the quality of instruction
  • Collaborate with colleagues to share and discuss educational practices, interpret student performance data, and design assessments that promote twenty-first century skills

I wish every student, teacher and parent a wonderful year.
Sincerely, Jeff Philley