Coquille Valley School

We believe that our unique environment, staff commitment to the positive behavior model, high standards, as well as our community support, helps in maintaining a safe and caring environment where developmentally appropriate practices ensure that all students become actively engaged learners who communicate and interact with individual and social responsibility.

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Our staff values communication with parents and their active involvement in their student’s education.


Spotlight on Students

Turkey Trot Winners

Aneykah McCall (Left). Jed Wright (Right)

Winners Of The Turkey Trot held at Fortier Field



Coquille Valley School is actually two separate schools housed in one building. Coquille Valley Intermediate School is located in its own separate wing with students in grades 3-5, learning in a self-contained educational environment. Coquille Valley Middle School is a traditional middle school for grades 6-8, where students travel to six different classrooms for instruction.  At CVS, our focus is providing quality, standards-based instruction.  CVS teachers will consistently assess the effectiveness of our instruction and will use the assessment data to guide our instructional decisions.  Individual learning styles and a variety of opportunities for support and intervention are also emphasized.

Geoff Wetherell

Coquille Valley School
1115 N. Baxter Coquille
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Geoff Wetherell Principal